The movie for opening night is lost in transit, the czech director’s assistant broke her leg, the toilets in the main auditorium are out of order, Friday’s press conference is 230% overbooked and the parking permits for the concession trucks has been revoked - running a film festival is challenging, even before it comes to actually screening anything.

With CineFMS, you can scratch a few items from your worry list. We can help you make sure your media is playable when you want to play it, where you want to play it.

CineFMS gives you the freedom to focus on your guests, your customers and your audience - the people that really deserve your attention.


Guaranteed playability in all of your venues.

FMS Validator is our multi-level quality assurance tool that helps festivals with checking digital cinema content and entering it into openFMS.

From simple asset checks to detailed image, sound and subtitle analysis it handles all aspects of dcp validation.

Manage Keys

Manage, check and distribute your digital keys with ease.

Our Key Management is specifically aimed at the needs of film festivals and can handle and generate several hundred thousand keys from various sources.

Matching the KDMs to the festival schedule provides an easy overview of the encryption status of all of your films.

If DKDMs are available, a detailed log of all key requests providers transparency for the owner.


Deliver the right media to the right place, in time!

No matter if you are using hard drives or a high-speed network and storage system - our software will keep track of your entire DCP and KDM distribution process.

OpenFMS can make daily digests available on your FTP server or create digest disks for your auditoriums.


Realtime status information from all auditoriums at your fingertips.

The monitoring module allows you to keep track of all digital screenings and anticipate problems before they occur.

Hard disk status, error messages from your projector as well as DCP and ingest- and key status matched to your festivals schedule.

CineFMS helps you deal with digital!

The transition to digital projection is one of the greatest challenges that film festivals all over the world are facing today. The workflows established over the past decades do not apply anymore, the landscape is changing faster than ever before, new standards are arriving by the busload every tuesday, and the technical staff have to constantly adapt.

We have experience in a wide variety of areas, from hardcore IT to event management. We love to play, we love to learn, we love to improve things. We can help.

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